~About Us~

Who We Are

Iliaki Elaiourgia is an olive-oil company based in Epitalio, a small town in the Prefecture of Ilia. Back in 1910, Efthymios Tsaoussis built the first oil mill at the village of Makrissia, Olympia. In the beginning, horses were used to move the grinding stones, while a diesel engine was added later on. Today, the company has been passed down to the third generation. We continue the family tradition with the same love for selling and processing select olive oil. We meet all the specifications set by competent authorities and constantly aspire to offer consumers products of the highest quality and nutritional value.

We pick our olives from olive groves located in the wider area of Olympia and the semi-mountainous western Peloponnese. Our olive oil stands out due to the local climate, the fact that the olive groves are not subject to irrigation and, naturally, the Koroneiki variety. This variety is one of the oldest olive varieties in Greece and produces high-quality olive oil rich in antioxidants and nutrients, with a fruity flavour and intense aroma.

We export large quantities of olive oil abroad, in bulk or packaged. The USA, Panama, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Hong Kong, Romania and the Netherlands are among the countries where the extra-virgin olive oil of Iliaki Elaiourgia is exported to. Our aim is for our extra-virgin olive oil to travel all over the world.

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